How Little Black Ant Handmade Ragdolls Started!

Little Black Ant Handmade Rag DollsLittle Black Ant was created in 2011 by me, Antonella Piccoli Dixon, after a few years of dabbling in doll making.  I started by making one for my baby boy, then another to give to a friend’s baby for her birthday, then another friend asked me to make a dark skinned African doll and so it started.  I realized that moms and tots alike wanted a doll that they could relate to.  They wanted different hair colours and different skin colours.  What better way to learn about the people of the world than through creative play with soft, huggable dolls.

Handmade ragdolls in the makingWith so many beautiful fabrics on the market it is a delight to imagine the next creation.  Fashion,  kids fashion and the multicultural world we live in also constantly inspire me.  I love the old fashioned idea of a rag doll mixed with modern day fabrics and fashion.

Working out of my garden studio, I feel very lucky to be creating something that brings joy, smiles and laughter to the young and the young at heart alike.


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